Monday, November 07, 2005

TriVarsity Thanksgiving Mass after the Examinations!

Main Celebrant is Archbishop Nicholas Chia.
Concelebrated by Chaplains of NUS, NTU & SMU.

9th December 2005, Friday
Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
Dinner reception afterwards
Love offerings would be greatly appreciated

Friday, September 09, 2005

Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes...

Thank you Lord, for giving me such wonderful friends. That in the bleak school term, I might have such a memorable birthday in the midst of piling work and delayed webcasts... :) I may have spent my 22nd birthday stuck in hall and in NUS, but it has been a rather memorable one i must say.... And I've only spent the first 2 hours of it. *grin*

Oh yes.. which reminds me... Nicolyn gets back to Singapore today. :) haha
Anyway.... THANK YOU Kah hua, Shahzad, Kamal, Brenda, Nicole, Marcus, Siva, Fariz, Vijay, Yuanyan, Nitin, and Carolyn!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Continued from previous post

I soon chose to believe that what happened that day was a simple coincidence. (stubborn huh? well, at least God didnt make a whale swallow me. :P) Then the day came when CSS was to have it's AGM. I attended with a resolute intention NOT to step up. The AGM was postponed for a week due to lack of numbers that day.

As the post-poned AGM drew closer, I decided that I'd avoid it. However, I had to collect something from Fr Valerian which I needed the next day. Initially I intended to ask a friend who stayed in hall to get it for me. However, about half an hour before mass, a good friend asked me to do her a favour at the central co-op and reserve a book. Since I was near the LT, I decided to head there and pick up the stuff from Fr Val myself and leave before mass at 6pm. Lo and behold, Fr Val was not celebrating mass (I was told otherwise) but was only going to be present for the AGM at 7pm. I stayed for mass. *flashback to the past year* In the past year, I had drifted at times. During those times, I used to pray silently at the consecration during mass 'Lord, I wish to remain in your service now and forever, don't let me drift'.*back to CSS Pre-AGM Mass* This time, during the consecration, another involuntary thought crept into my mind. 'You used to pray this; why are you running now?' I freaked. One CANNOT run when called so directly. My last chance was that I wouldn't get nominated or elected. Both happened. I was in the CSS Ex-co.

During discernment over the weekend, I wondered at times if I could take on the role of religious secretary and ride out my term in a role I felt would have been easier for me. For most of the first day, however, I was unclear about what post I should take. The hint of what was to come came during our choosing of bible verses which meant something to us in our discernment. Two verses came to my mind in a way which reminded me of the past involuntary thoughts which, in all honesty, got me a little worried. The Psalm 23:1 came to mind, which to me was obvious in meaning - not to fear anything in the coming term as God is the shepherd who will guide us. Stay close and all will be well. The second passage's meaning was not clear to me then: it was the last bit of John 21:18. 'and somebody else will put a belt round you and take you where you would rather not go.' I understand now. In fact, it has only now become clearer as I checked my NJB for the exact wording; in the very next line, Jesus says: "Follow me!" ARgh... Yes Lord, I hear you.

God works in mysterious ways indeed. May you who read this pray for the members and the ex-co of the Catholic Students' Society, the fold which has now been entrusted into my hands...

Called back into service

This post has been long delayed. And so, even if I have to sleep really late tonight, I must complete it.

Two weeks ago, I would never have dreamt I'd be in the vocation I am now in. In fact, I wanted out. God certainly thought differently.

*goes back to 2 weeks ago* It was at this time that I had finally decided on either of two paths - I would either remain as GH block com head in KEVII Hall or step down in order to take on activities which I have always had an interest in but never had the time for. The latter would have meant joining the dive club committee in NUS. It was also at this time that my decision about whether to relinquish the position of block com head could not be set down due to unresolved issues within the hall. In the midst of all this confusion, however, one thing had been certain since 2 semesters ago: I wanted to avoid serving in any permanent committee in NUS CSS (Catholic Students' Society). This was in view of my studies as well as being somewhat tired out after the many years past in various other ministries. Just when I was slated for a Dive com interview slot however, everything in the week started to go wrong. I had to call for an emergency block com meeting on the night of my dive club interview, effectively exluding that CCA as one of my options. There was no possibility of a replacement interview.

Then came the break-down of my printer just 3 days after the warranty ended. I had to buy a new one. I also purchased a new Acer laptop due to the inconvienience posed by a bioinformatics module which required a windows platform to do homework on. I waited anxiously for the NUS laptop centre to take delivery of my laptop as my homework piled up. Finally the day came when the centre called me to inform me that my laptop was ready for collection. At the centre, something unprecedented happened. I had already made my payment and was simply waiting to be handed my new (urgently needed) laptop when the counter staff realised that the suppliers had made a horrible mistake (a mortal sin, in my opinion, but don't quote me on that). The suppliers had sent laptops of my model that were configured for NTU!!! NOT NUS!!! Consequently, I was told that there was absolutely nothing that could be done for me and that I should go home and wait for their call. This, I was told, would not be for another day, AT LEAST! The horror! I had work piling up. Without thinking, I instinctively whipped out my rosary ring and began praying, even while i was packing my bag to leave. As I was half-way through the decade, an involuntary thought sliped into my mind. 'Lord, okay, I... I will serve in CSS if you just help me get my laptop to do my work.'
THE HORROR I experienced coupled with helplessness cannot be described for as soon as that thought sliped into my mind, the supplier walked in with a shipment of laptops of MY MODEL not expected by the counter staff. I could NOT believe what had happened...

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Though I dare not think of myself as being anywhere near getting to heaven as yet, I think this is beautiful...

*hearts* thanks Jolene, for such a beautiful picture of heaven to look forward to... :)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

!#$^%!&$#^%$@ I need to learn CLI, command line interface?!?!?! For bioinformatics??? I know nuts about CLI!...
ARGH! Leech! Reporting leech in class...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

First off,

!!!! ****HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE!!!!!!**** !!!!
*proud to be Singaporean*
Yes, now then...

I'm relaxing after having printed out my notes for the first lesson of the semester/year, listening to some of my Dad's CDs while helping him back them up. The music is the kind dating to the 60s and 50s, mostly sentimental and country. Listening to my personal favourite among them, (Jim Reeves, a crooner with a really smooth voice) I can't help but feel disappointed at the evolution of artistes since then. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but it seems to me that artistes used to sing of ideals and values, true love, etc etc yada yada... The romaticism of it all... Yet nowadays, you get increasingly more artistes who sing of controversy and violence, self-mutilation or suicide even. Do these artistes do this just to boost their popularity? It seems so. Despite their often natural talent. What happened to these crooners of old? What happened to (very) popular artistes daring to cut an added gospel album aside from their usual records? Perhaps religion and values in the west indeed has slid to disappointing levels. Or are the artistes of today afraid to be seen as a moral force? Would it be publicity suicide? I seriously doubt it. It is precisely in in a time of chaos, of relativism and blured morals that the next artiste who dares to be a clear voice (and dare i say, moral force) will be rewarded. And deservingly.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yeearrgghhh! made a bit of a screw up in this performance I just had in KE7... but honestly, it doesnt really matter... hahaha

It's more of the lab report due tomorrow that is hanging on my mind. Stress. The suckiest thing about it is what it does to your complexion...